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St. Landry EMS strives to meet the medical transport needs of the communities we serve, with one of the highest standard of patient care in the industry, bench-marked use of resources and an abiding regard for the customers we serve.
We provide the following resources:


Continuing Educations Programs for our employees that include:   



Critical Care Ambulances
We provide critical care ambulances that utilize high tech equipment to stabilize and maintain the needs of the most critical patients. Each critical care ambulance consists of a team of highly skilled Critical Care EMT-Paramedics, and high tech equipment to stabilize and maintain the needs of the most critical patients. We provide routine and advanced airway procedures, basic and advanced cardiac skills, medication administration, vascular access procedures, supplemental oxygen administration, and immobilization skills.

Advanced Life Support Ambulances
We have provided Advanced Life Support level ambulance service since our inception. Customers have ready access to all of our ALS ambulances. All paramedics meet company, state, and federal regulations. ALS ambulances are for individuals requiring advanced pre-hospital intervention or inter-facility transportation. Our paramedics can provide patients with advanced care including IV's, cardiac monitoring, and intubation.


Basic Life Support Ambulances

St. Landry EMS provides basic life support ambulance services. Customers can access any of our basic life support ambulances staffed by Emergency Medical Technicians. All EMT's are Nationally registered and state certified. The basic life support ambulance is for individuals who need basic transportation.
St. Landry EMS is confident of its ability to continue providing cost effective and quality ambulance service to each of the communities it serves - one patient at a time.