St. Landry EMS


    1. Project 1

      Project 1

      This is the detail for project one. This project was a fun one because it was the first project on this new gray site. 

    2. Project 2

      Project 2

      This project was also fun because it was the second one on the gray site. It was also fun because the best intern, Jacob was the one that built it. 

    3. Project 3

      Project 3

      This project was wild. It was raining very hard outside and I got scared when making it. However, that was no obstacle for Jacob- the greatest intern on the face of the earth . 

    4. Project 4

      Project 4

      This project was not as bad as the third because the rain let up and Jacob-the greatest intern, was able to finish it with no issue as always. 

    5. Project 5

      Project 5

      This is the last project. If you are seeing this right now, Jacob- the greatest intern, is very happy because this accordion layout finally worked.